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Spin-Digger Screwpost Commercial

With our patented screw-tip design, we’ve revolutionized the post installation process. No digging. No Mess. No Maintenance. Endless Applications.

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Screw in the Spin-Digger post

Learn how to install the spin-digger post in just 60 seconds. It's easy and requires no special tools. Best of all - its possibilities are endless.

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Install a light post with Spin-Digger

Shed some light on the subject with a lamppost addition by Spin-Digger. It’s affordable and like all Spin-Digger products, is very easy to install.

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Install the Spin-Digger mailbox mount

You’ve got mail! In just a few steps you can easily install a mailbox on your Spin-Digger screw-post.

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Install a hammock with Spin-Digger

Want a backyard hammock but don’t have the proper set-up? Two Spin-Digger Screw-Posts can get the job done.

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Install fencing with Spin-Digger

Skip the hole digging and cement pouring. Set up a fence and don’t even break a sweat.

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