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The difference between a normal post and a SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post is like the difference between a nail and a screw. A nail can be easily pulled out, while the threading on a screw secures it into a m

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The auger tip is engineered to cut through almost any soil, including clay and rocky soil. Add some water to the soil to soften it; install spin digger when it dries the soil will be hard again. The S

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Yes. Just unscrew the SPIN-DIGGER.

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Absolutely! We use 16-gauge, rust-resistant aluminum, which is 1/8” thick—twice as dense as a normal post. We also striate (rib) the metal to increase the strength. Plus, unlike wood, this heavy-d

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Engineered using our patented “screw-tip” design that can cut through rocky soil and clay.

One piece design for a quick, easy installation, that anybody can do

Made from HD aluminum (.125) and fluted to add beauty & strength.


  1. ….Dear Sheena, We got it in! See attached photo! Best looking mailbox in the neighborhood! Thank you for sending the directions. …We are very happy with our mailbox and may consider a lamppost in the future! Thank you again for your assistance!….

Does your mailbox post need replacing or just an updated look?

Replace it in minutes with a durable solution—the SPIN-DIGGER™ Screw-Post.


Save time, money, and back pain! The SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post from U.S. Post Company turns a day-long project into a quick, easy task—with lasting results!

Easy installation mailbox post

The innovative design of the SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post features an attached, 19-inch screw-tip, all you have to do to install the post is push down and turn.


The unique screw-tip design cuts through the soil, making the installation sturdy as well as easy! And when you want to move the SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post, just unscrew it!

Featured Packages

Yard Light Package

Package includes 72" aluminum post with decorative base and solar light. Perfect for walk-ways, gardens, ponds and so much more!.

Complete Mailbox Package

Package includes 72" aluminum screw post, aluminum ball topper, USPS approved mailbox with weather-resistant mailbox mounting board and set of address numbers. Available in Black and White *Decorative base available / sold separately

Spin-Digger Plaque

Includes 72" aluminum screw-post as well as aluminum oval plaque. Available in Black and White .

Swift Solution Lasting Luxury
So simple…
anybody can do it

Install in Minutes!
No Digging. No Cement. No Bending. No Mess.

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