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The difference between a normal post and a SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post is like the difference between a nail and a screw. A nail can be easily pulled out, while the threading on a screw secures it into a m

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The auger tip is engineered to cut through almost any soil, including clay and rocky soil. Add some water to the soil to soften it; install spin digger when it dries the soil will be hard again. The S

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Yes. Just unscrew the SPIN-DIGGER.

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Absolutely! We use 16-gauge, rust-resistant aluminum, which is 1/8” thick—twice as dense as a normal post. We also striate (rib) the metal to increase the strength. Plus, unlike wood, this heavy-d

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Engineered using our patented “screw-tip” design that can cut through rocky soil and clay.

One piece design for a quick, easy installation, that anybody can do

Made from HD aluminum (.125) and fluted to add beauty & strength.


Does your mailbox post need replacing or just an updated look?

Replace it in minutes with a durable solution—the SPIN-DIGGER™ Screw-Post.


Save time, money, and back pain! The SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post from U.S. Post Company turns a day-long project into a quick, easy task—with lasting results!

Easy installation mailbox post

The innovative design of the SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post features an attached, 19-inch screw-tip, all you have to do to install the post is push down and turn.


The unique screw-tip design cuts through the soil, making the installation sturdy as well as easy! And when you want to move the SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post, just unscrew it!

Featured Packages

Yard Light Package

Package includes 72" aluminum post with decorative base and solar light. Perfect for walk-ways, gardens, ponds and so much more!.

Complete Mailbox Package

Package includes 72" aluminum screw post, aluminum ball topper, USPS approved mailbox with weather-resistant mailbox mounting board and set of address numbers. Available in Black and White *Decorative base available / sold separately

Spin-Digger Plaque

Includes 72" aluminum screw-post as well as aluminum oval plaque. Available in Black and White .

Swift Solution Lasting Luxury
So simple…
anybody can do it

Install in Minutes!
No Digging. No Cement. No Bending. No Mess.

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